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Art is all around us everyday. We breath, touch and smell all varieties of the art world. I bring to you a kaleidoscopic view of colors and shapes. My mind’s eye welcomes these images from the natural world, which surrounds us all the time. The light of the moon on an autumn leaf, the still moments of stones, the melodious mood of water, the lifting of an eye, the break of a smile and the whisper of a raven in flight. I seek to convey our human desire to better ourselves and share the resulting happiness with our family, friends and community. I work in glass and tile mosaics creating functional and energetic works of art using a myriad of supplies, providing lasting impressions of spontaneity!

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Is Holli Brown’s original jewelry line using only collected vintage dishes and plates.
So much of our lives revolve around the ritual of shared meals. Whether we realize it or not, the plates, bowls and cups we use help ground us and give us a sense of shared belonging. Almost everyone has a memory of their mom or grandma’s dishware. When we see it again unexpectedly, pieces of the past flood back. Holli Brown’s jewelry allows you to keep a piece of that close to your heart. www.dishitoutjewelry.com

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Custom Orders:

Special custom orders for weddings, birthdays, family reunions, and any special occasions you may have to celebrate. The special gift from the heart made with that perfect pattern of china.  You got mom’s or grandma’s broken china/plates lying around? No, that is fine we got tons of gorgeous vintage china also, and can also find a certain pattern you may want.  Perfect way to use for yourself or friends and family.

Please note holiday times are very busy so please plan 2 weeks for delivery.

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Thank you, Holli Brown